Training_Medical Cannabis_From plant to patient

TRAINING : Medical Cannabis «From plant to patient»

Visit the new educational event Cannabis as medicine – «From plant to patient».

Implementation: 01.05.2021 – 30.06.2021 (on demand until 31.12.2021)
Type: e-learning + online workshop (05.06.2021)
Costs: CHF 350
Accreditations (among others):
FPH: 100, accredited for continuing education FPH Offizin (role 1.2) and continuing education.
SDV: requested
SGAIM: 4 points for workshop + up to 8 points for e-learning (request open)
SPS: requested
SMGP: 7h recognised for continuing education
Registration: or

Be prepared for the upcoming amendment of the BetmG 2022, which will allow doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis in therapeutic freedom.

This is the first comprehensive educational event on medical cannabis of the Swiss Society for Cannabis in Medicine (SGCM-SSCM), developed in collaboration with the OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule.

In 9 online lessons followed by a workshop for interprofessional exchange, you will receive detailed information on the medicinal plant cannabis.
The views of the FOPH and Swissmedic on authorisation and use as a medicine, medical prescription, preparation of extemporaneous preparations and use in different indications will be presented.
In addition, we will present the patients’ point of view and their experiences.

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