Crop Production in Switzerland- Hemp/Cannabis

From 01.01.2021, the following applies:

  • The agricultural production of hemp is allowed, provided it isn’t classified as a narcotic. All provisions of the seed legislation relating to the production and sale of hemp seed and seedlings are repealed (set of regulations 2020).
  • For the agricultural production of hemp, the provisions of the plant health legislation and the direct payments legislation must be respected.
  • For the use of hemp as animal feed, the provisions of the animal feed legislation must be respected.
Categories of use
Category Crop THC* Use Legal base Competence
recreational Cannabis flower > 1% other than medicinal NarcA FOPH
medical Cannabis flower > 1% medicinal NarcA


CBD-hemp flower < 1% medicinal /




casewise delimination
oil and fibre hemp seed, shoot < 1% industrial AgricA FOAG

*narcotic substance tetrahydrocannabinol

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